Tips to Make Good Internet Marketing’s Content

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Ads can be the focus of the visitors after the content, but what if your ad is hated by visitors? Here are some tips that you can do to avoid this:

1. Combine Text and Images
The combination of text and images greatly affect the focus of visitors and the quality of the ad. The images on the advertising function are to make it nicer to see and the text on the ad aim is to make visitors click on those ads.

2. Animated Ads
If the text and images not works, the “movement” of text and images should do. It makes your ad more attractive. Remember, the animation that you use should not be excessive. Use interesting animation, not tacky.

3. The content of the ads relevant to the content of the blog
However, ad content is more important than design. No matter how good the design of advertising, if the content is bad that would be pointless. A good content is a content that relevant to the topic of the blog

4. Responsive advertising
You should know that the number of people using smartphones to access the web increases from year to year. Because of that, you should make the ad that appears on your blog responsive, so the smartphone users can click that ad.

5. The larger the better
Ads with a large size would stand out. This type of ad is suitable to place in your sidebar

6. Solution ad content
Is it possible that the advertising content that you post is a thing that your visitors are looking for? Sure. So, even though it’s hard, that type of ad is highly recommended.

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