Steps to Make Visa for India

Now coming to India is not difficult anymore. You used to come to the Indian Embassy in your residence. It is then made easier with VoA (Visa on Arrival), but to take care of VoA, you will need at least an hour at the airport, with all the equipment you need to carry. Somewhat complicated, huh? But now you do not have to worry, by visiting our website you can take care of USA ESTA easily, online.

Here’s how you should do to create an online visa:

Filling out the Visa e-tourist form application
Go to e-Tourist Visa India website, there are 5 easy steps to get e-Tourist Visa India namely:

– The first step clicks e-Tourist Visa Application and Follow the prompts. You are asked to fill the Type of passport: choose ordinary, Nationality, date of birth, Port of arrival, Email and arrival date. This email will be used to receive Visa.

– Complete Partially filled Form
The next step is to fill out the form with all the necessary details. Includes Photo upload and Passport scans. Remember! Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months. So, prepare both before submitting. And do not forget to prepare Passport, ID Card and family data because the info is needed in the next data filling. Prepare also your Credit card and handphone to confirm credit card password.

– Pay Visa
This visa payment only accepts the use of Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Actually, you can use debit, but not all types of debit can be used. So to make it easier, use a credit card. Make sure your credit card can be used including a limit check too. Because you are given 3 times the opportunity to pay Visa.

– Print Visa Application
If all is OK and valid. Wait for news via email. Your visa will be sent via email. Not until one day. Suppose you submit at 5 pm, the next day at 7 am your visa has been completed. Bring this Visa print when coming to India.

– Visa Status to Check your Visa Application status
This is to check your Visa Application status. Process or Granted. They will send the information in the email you entered earlier. My advice, in addition to Print, save also the Application form and visa in your email.