How To Choose Anime Slice Of Life

Slice of life (SoL) is a genre of anime that tells about everyday life. So, some of them may have storylines or conflicts that relate to your life. Slice of life anime is usually equipped with the imaginative thoughts of each character so you won’t be bored when watching it. If you don’t like the slice of life theme, you can look for other anime recommendations at


You may have been confused when choosing a slice-of-life anime title to watch because of the varied stories. For that, pay attention to the following points before watching a slice-of-life anime. There are types, subgenres, durations, and also audience reviews.

Decide by subgenre
Some of you may be aware that anime not only has genres but also has subgenres (supporting genres). Anime subgenres are quite diverse, such as comedy, action, romantic, drama, music, school, and fantasy. In addition, there are also subgenres seinen (adult male), josei (adult female), shounen (male), and shoujo (female).

The main purpose of anime having many subgenres is so that the audience has an idea of ​​the story being presented. In addition, it is also easier for viewers to find the genre they want to watch.

Choose the type of anime to watch
In general, anime types can be divided into two, namely original and adaptation. What are the differences between the two types of anime?

Original, original work made directly by the studio
Some of you may still feel unfamiliar with the term anime original. This type of anime is usually made directly by an artist or animator with an animation studio. So, this type of anime is not an adaptation of a novel or manga. The Garden of Words is an example of an original anime. The anime was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai and produced by CoMix Wave Films.

Adaptation, for those of you who want to see the visualization
Furthermore, there are anime adaptations that are lifted from comics or novels. So, when the film is released, some people who have read it may have an idea of ​​the anime because they have seen the visualization. Anime studios usually don’t work on all the existing chapters, but some make them until the end of the chapter.

Consider reviews from other viewers
If you are still confused about choosing a slice-of-life anime, try paying attention to reviews from other viewers. By looking at reviews from other viewers, you’ll get an idea of ​​the anime’s storyline. Other viewers’ reviews can also predict your suitability, especially for those of you who are new to the anime world.