There Are Reasons Why Indie Music Is Much More Classy

Indie music is a term that refers to bands or musicians who work independently. Starting from the making of songs, recording, promotion, to distribution is done alone. Although not under the auspices of major labels such as Sony BMG, Warner Music, and others, indie music has unique features. Meanwhile, if you also love to watch unique music videos and listen to anti-mainstream songs, we recommend you to watch one at right away.

No doubt, thanks to YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify, indie music is becoming more and more popular and fun to listen to. Do not believe? Here are some reasons why you should listen to indie music:

Indie music is more original

In contrast to non-indie musicians who work based on market needs or the will of the label, indie musicians are free to create original works without any pressure or intervention from major labels.

That is why indie music is very diverse and sometimes tends to be unique. Although it may sound strange at first, indie music is fun.

Indie music teaches the audience to be yourself

Because indie music is difficult to find in mainstream media such as TV, indie music lovers will not go with the flow and don’t care what music trends are going on. They make music because they like it and the music fits their personality.

You know, indie music is not only about love

Starting from the spirit of life, wisdom, parody, friendship, protest, social inequality, nature, and even drinks such as coffee are all discussed in indie works. So music doesn’t just make us float when we fall in love.

Those are reasons why indie music is more classy and worth more of your attention. True, many of them might not go viral on big social media and music platforms, however, you can see that the type of music that indie singers and bands produce won’t submit to market demand, and they only make songs and music that stay true to the freedom of expression in the way of art.